Need a visa for Europe? What ETIAS means for US Travelers



It’s not too early to plan your 2025 trip to Europe! But designing a beautiful custom itinerary is not the only essential planning detail: starting in mid-2025, the ETIAS travel authorization will be implemented for visa-exempt nationals including US passport holders traveling to any of these  30 European countries. 

What is ETIAS? This pretty unremarkable acronym stands for ‘European Travel Information and Authorization System’ but a crucial hich links the approved visa to the traveler’s passport. The visa is valid for up to three (3) years or until the passport expires. If you get a new passport before three years expire, you will need to obtain a new ETIAS visa.

Does this mean I will have automatic entry at the border? Not necessarily! Boarder officers will ask for your documentation to verify you meet the entry requirements.

Can I stay indefinitely? Under this visa type, travelers can enter the ETIAS-participating countries as often as they wish for short-term stays – customarily up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

This is all so confusing! We totally get it! It is ultimately the traveler’s responsibility to secure all proper documentation before departing on a journey. That’s why working with a professional travel advisor can assist with trusted resources so you can best prepare for your dream holiday!


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